A number of different construction materials are used, including:

Each method uses a different class and weight of material, and as such will be as close as possible to the FISA set minimum weight.


Honeycomb is a core material used in the Carbon Honeycomb, Kevlar Honeycomb and Glass Honeycomb composite variants.  It is extremely light in weight, made from a paper-like material.

Carbon, Kevlar or Glass/Fibreglass

Carbon, Kevlar or Fibreglass are the hard external layers in a rowing shell.  Each has varying physical and mechanical properties.  One of the more important factors is weight; carbon is the lightest cloth, Kevlar slightly heavier and fibreglass the heaviest of the three. The weight of the material, however, does not relate to its strength.

Along with composite options, you are also able to choose the type of fittings for your boat, from alloy wing riggers through to fully-adjustable shoe stretchers.

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