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Effective tips to choose the right incontinence pants

Pull-up pants can suit individuals who have light to heavy incontinence but can be harder to wear in comparison to men’s incontinence pads. But on the other hand, pull-ups are ideal for those with good mobility. If you experience light incontinence and think you need a cost-effective option, you can go in for washable underpants. Confidence Club in Australia offers various such products and has a wide range of options for you to choose from. At Confidence Club, Australia you will not only find men’s incontinence pads and the right incontinence product for you but also a wide range of other effective incontinence products that will help boost your confidence! Here are some helpful tips you can follow while deciding to buy incontinence pants:

Offer a more ‘normal’ feel: The incontinence pants should feel like normal underwear when you use it. Washable incontinence underpants can be ideal for those who are first time users of incontinence products that might be out of their comfort zone. Washable pants can provide discretion and provide a more natural feel like normal underpants as they are washable.

Better for the environment: All washable products are better for the environment as they create less waste. If your priority is caring for the environment, choose to wear washable pants to reduce wastage.

Washables can be cheaper in the long-run: Though they can initially be more expensive than disposables, washable underpants need to be bought less frequently which makes them a cheaper and long-term option.

Provides more discretion: You may feel more comfortable hanging the washable underpants on a drying rack rather than having to pull out pull-up pants from a pack. The washable underpants look like normal underpants so you don’t have to worry about anyone finding out about your incontinence issues.

Tips to Buy Incontinence Pants

Consider your budget: If you’re watching your budget closely, you needn’t worry because you have various economical options and brands that are available. Confidence Club in Australia is one such brand that has a vast collection of incontinence products. Take a look at their products by visiting https://confidenceclub.com.au/collections/

Compare absorbency levels of different products: This aspect can ensure that you are getting your money’s worth when you are buying pants to deal with incontinence. Ensure you compare different absorbances of pants to check which one may work well for you.

Measure your waist before buying: If you measure your hips or waist, you can find the right size product for you. Wearing a product that is too loose or too tight might just reduce the effectiveness of the product. So knowing the size of the product is vital.

Buy booster pads for more absorbency for night time use: If you want more protection from incontinence, especially during the night time, you can consider using a booster pad inside your pants. If you opt for these pads, you won’t have to worry about incontinence issues that might shatter your night time sleep.

 How to Look for The Right Product

Always keep in mind that the regular underwear size is not the size you should purchase for incontinence underwear. Each product has its own size chart and recommendations based on weight, height, level of activity and current leakage. For some, an incontinence pad or liner may be everything they require. For some others, based on their everyday activity level, they may need more comfort and discretion. In such cases, pull-up pants and briefs would be the ideal choice. For yet some others, a lack of mobility or overnight issues may make a tabbed diaper the best choice.

If you’re planning to buy Men incontinence pads Confidenceclub Australia is the right place to visit. Check out their collection of effective incontinence products by logging onto https://confidenceclub.com.au/collections/


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