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Things to consider before buying a second-hand two-wheeler:

Like other all things, a sparkling new brand bike from the dealer is as exciting as opening a new toy on Christmas. But brand-new bikes are not always the best choice for all riders, as occasional riders may find it too costly. Why spend so much on something that you won’t use it on a daily basis? Here is the right choice, buying a second-hand two-wheeler which would make much more sense.

Just like used vehicles, second-hand two-wheelers are also benefiting from that you will get well worth it, if you have the right information about the bike and know what to look out for? Here are some tips that will assist you to get your hands on getting the best appropriate second-hand bike.

Features to check:

After deciding to get a second-hand bike that you are interested in, search for an image of the very same model and colour on the website. Compare the image against your prospected bike and visualize for possible signs of repairs. Make a deep search for the marks or damage on the image and besides check the handlebar, bolts, brackets, foot pegs and the exhaust pipe. Make sure that there are no damaged, bent or rusty parts because they could present issues in the future.

Test the necessary functions:

Some indications of a well-working bike need physical testing for you to know that it was really in a good condition. There are some types of physical testing you need to make before buying your favourite second-hand motorbike.

Test for the engine’s capability to start even when cold. You can do this possible testing by touching the engine case and making sure it becomes cold before starting.

Test the suspension by pressing the front brake and pushing down the handlebars and do the same at the rear end of the motorbike. If you hear any kind of noises or slugging then the bike may be affected by some kind of problems.

Test the electrical lines and make sure they are running properly and by starting the bike check the high and low beams are lighting well. Test the four signal indicators, as well as the horn at the end, and along with it check the dash lights that are working well.

Take the bike for the ride:

Now all that is left for you to do so is a test drive. This is the most crucial thing to do before buying a second-hand bike. While riding the bike you can analyse that the bike has no problem in shifting between the gears and the bike accelerating accordingly. Also, can check does the bike runs on a straight line with no wiggling and the conditions when turning left and right. Finally, you can feel the ride and make sure that you are feeling comfortable for the whole duration of your test ride.

Does the bike is roadworthy:

You may be satisfied with all the things you checked and tested, but one thing left, before checking it don’t go haste for buying the second-hand motorbike, hence it is essential to check whether the bike is roadworthy.

Tyres: The tread depth must still be within the legal requirement both on the sides and in the middle. Make sure to check both the tyres on all sides, because some may be a fault on one side but not on the other.

Brakes: While riding the bike make sure that the front brake lever and rear brake pedal are working perfectly. Besides you also want to check that the brakes pads are not worn.

Bottom line:

There are plenty of things to consider before going for a second-hand motorbike. Moreover, untarnished, untouched, and the anticipation bike of taking it to the road for the first time is a real thrill. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t get the same joy of buying a second-hand bike.

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