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Commercial BBQ Smoker

Want to learn how to build a smoker? With these Commercial BBQ Smoker plans, building a homemade smoker is easy, fun, and affordable. Great if you:

  • Want Great Smoked Food, But Don’t Want To Pay Big Money For A Smoker
  • Want To Try Smoking First Before Purchasing A Smoker
  • Like Projects At Home
  • Enjoy The Pride Of Hand-Crafted Tools / DIY Smokers
  • Want To Spend Quality Time With Family / Friends On Construction And Smoking

This homemade smoker is built from two flower pots and a hot plate. Homemade smokers make awesome BBQ at an affordable price. But before you get started, a few safety tips.

Commercial BBQ Smoker

Do NOT use:

  • lead
  • cadmium-plated metal (including old fridge shelving)

These are heavy metals, will not come out of the body, and are extremely dangerous.

Also, beware of hexavalent chromium! This harmful carcinogen is a byproduct of welding galvanized steel. Impurities like lead can also surface from welding galvanized materials.

On Galvanized Materials…
Galvanized surfaces are not food-safe. They are coated with zinc which will be absorbed into the food, so do not let food come in to contact with them.

That said, if the galvanized material has not been welded and does not come into contact with food, it’s probably OK to use in your smoker. Understand that a little zinc may be deposited on the food.

But a little zinc isn’t bad for the body…many people take zinc regularly for their immune system. However, a lot can be harmful and give you flu-like symptoms.

Keep in mind:

  • Zinc melts at 420 C / 790 F
  • Zinc boils at 900 C / 1700 F

Smokers almost never operate above 200 C / 400 F, so the risk of adding significant zinc to food is low. However, if you are still concerned, start a fire outside in that galvanized trash can. That should get the temperature high enough to melt off the zinc. Just don’t inhale the fumes!