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Linux or windows which will suit you? 

When choosing an operating system platform, it must be versatile and must be able to do mission-oriented as well as a regular task. Linux or windows which one suit you is an ever ending discussion but on comparing both windows is the most used operating system in the world. It has been proven that windows are one of the best options in a bigger prospect. Linux consists of thousands overriding factors and can be proven. To make clear Linux is a kernel that has lots of complications with much essential software and driver that makes it has distort. You can see a lot of Linux distributions in the market and itself stand out in the crowd and, capable of competing with Windows OS. Here are some of the essential things that will help you to know the facts and find the things going to unchain and get you the better result. 

Cost: when it comes to costThe windows offers different versions and pricing options. The Linux distribution is free of charge for at least one of the private users. 

Licensing model:Windows operating system licensing model is proprietary software. The Linux operating system is the kernel and, most of the distribution is open source. You can find that Linux is often available under a GNU that is known as the General Public License. 

User-friendly:Talking about user-friendly factor windows are designed to be simple and as possible to use for the users without IT knowledge. Thus, the windows are a great platform for any kind of users. Linux operating system is Ubuntu that is particularly relative and easy for windows user to grasp. There are significant barriers for newcomers to get into the Linux operating system. 

Graphical user interface:Moving on to the GUI factor windows has a standard graphical user interface called Microsoft. In Linux platform there is a lot of freedom as the designing of the GUI can even do away with it altogether. 

Support:Windows provides a large range of support services that includes both within the system as well as online. There is the availability of comprehensive specialist literature that is aimed at users with various levels of knowledge. Linux provides support that is from the extensive user community. You will be able to find solutions for any kind of problems via online forums and wikis. 

SoftwareAny of the software released is compatible with Windows and, there can be installed there. There are far fewer applications that are designed and are especially for Windows Linux. It can also run some of the Windows programs on the Linux operating system. 

Installing programs:In windows, programs are installed by downloading the programs from the website or with the help of physical storage media. In Linux, the programs, drivers, and packages are supplied via fixed repositories.

Uninstalling programs:When coming to uninstalling the programs in the windows, some of the components remain on the system.  In Linux, the majority of the programs are completely removed. 

Hardware: Most of the windows drivers are always available for almost any hardware. The Linux support is more limited and some of the drivers are not available immediately.  

Reliability:There is a great improvement in the stability of windows in these recent days and the Linux distribution is far superior in this respect.   Linux platform and its distribution are well known for being very stable to run. 

Closing notes:

Thus these are some of the factors that will help you to choose the operating system platform. Look at the stable OS, secured and speed to get the system to set up perfectly. All things you need to have are a bit of knowledge on the Operating System you are using. 

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