Kitchen Wall Tiles in Melbourne

With a variety of kitchen wall tiles on the market you will be spoilt for choice of what to buy for your home. Whether your preference is for stone, ceramic, glass or metal tiles, your kitchen will require hard wearing but lightweight tiles to add some style to your kitchen as well as provide an easy clean surface.

The word ‘tile’ originally came from the French word ‘tuile’. They are popular wall coverings for a variety of rooms in addition to kitchens. You can buy plain tiles or decorative tiles – the choice is down to your personal preference and the look you prefer for your kitchen.

Tiles have not always been the order of the day on the walls in a kitchen. The tiled wall is a consequence of the changing function of the kitchen throughout the years. The changes to the kitchen over the centuries have lead up to the requirement for wall tiles Melbourne in the kitchen in this the present day.

During the fifties, the need for a working kitchen became less likely. Meals weren’t so much prepared and cooked but instead purely placed into a microwave, heated and then eaten. Prior to this and after this time frame, the preference to prepare meals from raw ingredients became the fashion. Thanks to the microwave oven there was little need for a proper kitchen with all the work tops and sinks for the prep of food. With ready meals, the staple diet of the fifties and the nineties in the Australia, all you needed was a power point. No need for fully equipped kitchens and no need for kitchen wall tiles Melbourne either.

wall tiles melbourne
wall tiles melbourne

Over recent years, the look of a kitchen has become more and more important. With the popularity of cooking on the increase, so too is the demand for a fully functioning, all singing/dancing trophy kitchen with matching cupboard doors, ceramic sinks and kitchen wall tiles Melbourne. Throw in for good measure a silver coffee maker, a halogen hob, a Smeg fridge freezer and a blender and you are practically a Masterchef.

Kitchens come in a variety of shapes and formats. Which one describes your kitchen, the ‘single file’, the ‘U-kitchen’, the ‘L-shaped’ kitchen or the ‘block’ kitchen? A ‘single file’ kitchen has everything along one wall and is ideal where space is limited. The ‘U-kitchen’ has cupboards along three walls and typically a sink in the middle wall. The ‘L-shaped’ kitchen format is where units are placed along two adjacent walls and the ‘block’ kitchen is where units are placed on an island in an open kitchen. In the case of a sink or cooker in the island there is little need for splash proof kitchen wall tiles Melbourne however they look good so why not have them anyway!

Post Author: Hugh Price