Laser Marking: Know The Innovation Of Line Marking

Line marking industry was traditional for long, and many had a misconception that there was no scope for innovation for the industry. However, things are changing slowly, and innovation began sweeping the line marking industry as well, irrespective of road line marking, industrial line marking, warehouse line marking, and more.

Regardless of the type of line marking, everyone wants the markings to be highly visible and durable to help the commuters, workforce, and machines. When line marking serves the purpose of safety, no industry can think of choosing anything below superior line marking solutions.

Do you have an industrial plant and searching for innovative line marking solutions for your workplace? Or are you searching for highly durable, precision line marking solution for the car parking area at your commercial space?

Today, we will learn more about laser marking – the solution for the industries who need precision, high-quality line marking services and solutions for their industrial facilities and warehouses.

What Is Laser Marking Technology?

The laser-guided line marking technology says goodbye to manual marking and the errors associated with it. The high-quality laser beams produce efficient, highly visible markings based on the specific needs of industries and help them to organise their workplace better. One of the biggest attributes of the laser marking technology is the precision markings and results.

Note that it’s the next generation line marking technology for marking industrial areas, schools, colleges, public places, roads, grounds, and much more. While the operations of the line marking equipment can be automated, most of these modern tools also provide you with manual marking option to mark specific lines based on the industrial requirements.

Some Innovations In Laser Marking Solutions

It was a milestone when Fleet Ltd introduced BeamRider laser guided line marking system in 2007. Although BeamRider was mostly focusing on marking the grounds, the precision results paved ways for revolutionising the laser storm into other areas as well.

Today, most manufacturers of the line and floor marking industry are focused on developing and advancing their laser guided line marking systems. Also, laser line markings made a foray into the line marking industry to provide with non-wearable line marking solutions. Therefore, you don’t need to repaint or restripe lines that are about to wear in your industrial plant or warehouse facility.

As you know, a huge warehouse or industrial facility needs a lot of effort to regularly monitor the safety markings and repaint or restripe whenever faded. The laser marking technology helps you to forget about the hassles of line marking and make your facility safer for your workforce, machines, and pedestrians.

Do you know that STiM – a leading line marking machinery firm – has recently developed a laser guided line marker that can identify worn lines and apply new paint wherever it’s needed. It’s another innovation in the industry that provides precision line marking for roads and industrial facilities.

It’s also a great way to ensure efficient repainting as the machine only uses minimal paint – significant savings in paints.

Laser Line System – Flexible To Modern Line Marking Needs

In any industrial facility or warehouse environment, laser line system means something more flexible to your needs. While these line marking systems serve the purpose of traffic control and safety, they also provide some unique characteristics, compared to other line marking solutions.

For instance, if you need to give a specific direction for your customer or a particular employee at your industrial facility or warehouse, you can pre-set laser lines specific to that individual. Most importantly, you can change the laser line marking automatically anytime you want and set a new direction for a different customer.

Do you know that the laser line systems can help you to create cautionary safety lines as well? In addition to non-wearable lines, laser technology also allows you to make the lines brighter or dimmer based on the risks associated with your workplace and alert your workforce and customers.

Compared to other line marking options, laser marking shows over any material, and you can easily adjust the lining pretty quickly.

It’s Hassle-Free Setup

The biggest apprehensions when it comes to any advanced technology is its setup. Usually, these systems come with laser projectors that are often mounted on your facility ceiling – mostly on locked tracks. You can program the line markings in a central computer, and you will have the option to see which projectors are going to give out the lines and the brightness of the light.

In general, two types of lasers are available on the market: fixed lasers and fibre lasers. When it comes to fibre lasers, the laser projectors are connected with fibre optics and wired to a centrally located computer system. Usually, the laser source is often placed in a secure location in the facility.

In fixed lasers, the projectors are mounted on the ceiling without any wiring. You can set up the laser markings using a mobile application and control it over the internet or Wi-Fi. This means you can manage the line marking at your industrial facility from anywhere without any hassles.

Advantages Of Laser Marking

Though we have discussed the primary advantages of laser marking, it’s the primary choice for most industries with the following additional benefits:

  • You can manipulate the laser beams in different ways to achieve specific marking results based on your unique needs.
  • It can work with different types of floors and materials, including plastics, glass, metals, silicon, and ceramics.
  • Ideal for a vast range of industries such as the automotive industry, warehouses, medical, aerospace, semiconductor, electronics, and much more.
  • Compared to other line marking options, lasers are known for environmental friendliness, including the need for less electrical energy.
  • You can easily integrate the laser with your production lines as well with zero hassles.
  • Laser marking is a safe process – both for your workers and the environment.

Disadvantages Of Laser Marking

Though laser line marking is a superior choice for industries, it has a few disadvantages as well.

  • Lasers do not come in a wide variety of colours and mostly available in black, white, and yellow.
  • Some laser machines can’t work on all the materials, including plastics, various metals, and various surfaces.

Conclusion: Your Choice For A Better Organised Facility

With the flexibility and precision results, laser marking is a solution for many industries to address their concerns around traffic and safety. Smart, superior solutions make your industrial facility to provide superior performance.


Post Author: Hugh Price