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Websites and the Role of Web Designing Agencies

We live in an era of digital marketing. In order to enhance your digital footprint, you need to make sure that you follow an outstanding digital marketing strategy. The core of any digital marketing campaign is the website. It’s the quality of your website that will decide if your business will flourish or stall. Websites promote your business round the clock, non-stop. If planned well, it can save you from the embarrassment of unpleasant user experience and turn your business into a gold mine! Therefore, it’s imperative to have an excellent website for your business and you can hire skilled professionals to do design one for you like the ones at Blurn Website Design Agency Sydney, Australia.

Let’s dwell a bit deeper and see what factors are important while designing an effective and efficient website.

Structured Information

Most of the audience visit your website with a clear purpose and are looking for answers to the questions in their mind. They visit the website to get more details about your product or service, or to purchase it. So do you think they will stay on your website if they find it difficult to navigate and not get exactly what they are looking for? Answer is an absolute NO, as there are many efficient and well structured websites available on the internet from your competitors
Therefore, it is of prime importance to have a well-planned structure of your website by placing the important webpages on top and proceeding downwards with the less important ones. It’s convenient to find relevant information in a hierarchical structure that guides the users from one page to another.

Loading Speed

This is an integral part of any website. A slow website leads to loss of visitors as approximately 80% users do not return if the website doesn’t load fast. Loading speed also affects the ranking of your website in the eyes of prominent search engines like Google.
An ideal page load speed should be 3 seconds or faster and the experts at Blurn can help you achieve this by following methods:

  • They make use of the Google-recommended lighthouse tool to check and resolve speed issues.
  • They use image optimiser tools to resize the images on your website in order to avoid slow loading.
  • They provide high-quality web hosting service to ensure that the website makes use of high-speed servers for loading web pages.

Rectifying error pages

Error pages are a very common occurrence and the most frequent ones are “error 404” or “page not found”. Such errors not only degrade the ranking of your website and hamper your business, but also leads to unpleasant user experience which further leads to lower lead generation.
Blurn Website Design Agency Sydney, Australia, keeps conducting regular website audits for its clients to identify these error pages at the earliest and rectify the issue by either removing these pages or redirecting to other pages. They also follow an approach of providing content on such pages that keeps the users engaged.

Mobile optimisation

With more and more customer base shifting to smartphones and tablets to access the internet, it is imperative to have a website that is 100% optimised to be browsed from such devices. There is absolutely no scope nowadays of not having a mobile-friendly website.
More than 95% searches over the internet are initiated from mobile devices. This clearly indicates that having a website well optimised to work on mobile devices without any loss of information would definitely bring in more traffic flow and higher profits for your business. Blurn provides mobile optimisation at no extra cost when you choose them to design your website.

Clean and Simple Layout

While you would be tempted to include an ocean of information about your business on your website, the visitors would be just that much impatient to go through it!
Cluttering your website with info irrelevant to the visitors leads to low traffic flow. The key is to keep the layout as simple as possible without missing out on any essential info necessary to promote your business.

Call To Action (CTA)

It’s important to have CTA buttons on your website, so placed as to lead the users to specific landing pages like the ones asking for contact information, etc.
Lead generation requires strategic placement of CTA buttons and is almost impossible without them as they complete the communication of a website.
Blurn helps you in placing these CTA buttons at the right places on your website which helps in converting visitors into potential customers.

Providing Contact Information

It is crucial to have your contact info displayed at various points on your website as visitors might have queries or feedback related to your product or service, which they would hope to
get addressed. Not having contact information on your website makes your business look shady, and visitors will simply switch to other sites.

Linking your website to Social Media pages

Considering the degree of impact of social media in today’s era, it is important to have a noticeable social media presence if you want your business to do well.
Although social media marketing is a different avenue altogether, one way of ensuring social media presence is by integrating your website to all your social media pages like the ones on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc.
Blurn Website Design Agency Sydney, Australia, takes care of this aspect by providing your website with buttons for different social media pages which when clicked, direct the visitors to your social media pages, which enables you to get more followers, in turn, promoting your business.

Consistent Design

When designed with a consistent layout ( use of consistent font, colours, relevant logos etc.), the website displays harmony throughout its pages which is aesthetically very pleasing and keeps the viewers engaged and interested in your website.
A bad layout can definitely degrade the user experience and turn out to be a deal-breaker!

Lead Magnets

Lead generation through websites depends on the visitors to share their contact information with you. Why do you think they would do that if not offered something in return?
A good way is by providing freebies in return for their info like e-books, videos, reports, guides etc. which will work as lead magnets.
When you choose Blurn for your web designing journey, they will make sure to take care of all the above mentioned factors to perfection while designing your website with the help of cutting-edge technology and the best tools available in the market.
As a result, the end-product that you get is a fast, modern, aesthetically pleasing and efficient website with an unmatched user interface that would definitely improve your conversion rate and bring in more visitors with the potential of becoming future customers and boosting your sales and profit!
Apart from web designing, they provide a host of other digital marketing services that you can avail to maximise your profits. Click here for more information.

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