Things about CNC Machined Aluminium

CNC machinery came into realm to solve the issue of cutting aluminium and other metal cutting failures that preceded it. Though aluminium machining requires a great deal of investment in regards to energy, labor, and capital equipments, it has provided a breakthrough towards flexible and convenient metal machining in the engineering production sector. Aluminium machining in close retrospect has the ability to combine high quality production with expansive throughput. For instance, it is possible to produce any shape from a mass of aluminium block with an exception to hollowed products which require bending. Moreover cnc machining is notably adopted to manufacture prototype for large engineering projects.

Aluminium Machining
Aluminium Machining

Talking of shapes, the ease on which a material can be modified to desired shape is a crucial consideration in cnc milling. This is so because manufacturing costs will directly depend on the kind of material in play. For instance, using aluminium rather than steel does not ask for much heat requirement thus ensured production sticks to the low side. Furthermore, aluminium machining gives a notch difference on the final surface finish and also dimensional accuracy stays unmatched to no other metal. Another advantage of aluminium machining is the cutting aluminium speed that further minimizes production costs; a vital aspect when designing and producing CNC machined products.

In a nutshell, a good machining material will favour tool wear rate, this means the pressure applied are low since the chips breaks easily into small pieces. Presence of carbides and lubricants such as sulfur, phosphorous, graphite, and lead will definitely reduce machinability. It is a good thought to compare aluminium machining to other known material machinability ratings, for instance, AISI 1112 carbon steel has a machinability rating of 100 which provides a cutting velocity of 60 min tool life (machined at cutting velocity of 100 ft/min). Comparing the two materials will give you a measure at how aluminium machining will behave.

Post Author: Hugh Price