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Do you even know what a pergola is? I’m guessing it’s an unfamiliar word for a lot of people even as the structure itself gains popularity all over the country. A pergola is a free-standing or attached structure that you build in your yard as an accent piece or for some functional purpose. Pergolas are large and small, built of wood, metal, and even resin, and work well as a focal point for any landscaping design.

Pergola Roofing Ideas

By doing a search online, you can find dozens of different pergola designs for building an arbor, an attached pergola, or an unattached model.  You might want to use a small pergola as an arbor covered in flowers. After all, an arbor and an adjustable louvred pergola are pretty much the same thing. With it’s open framework, an arbor works well in this way. You can use it to cover a walkway, as an entrance gate to your garden, or in any way you choose. You can find simple plans online that will help you build your own arbor so that you can save a bundle on construction costs.

Pergola Designs

You will also find kits that will provide you with the materials and instructions for building.  An attached pergola is one that is built to be part of your home. For instance, it might be built over a deck and attached to the house. Although the typical pergola doesn’t have a solid roof so that it will let in light and air, there are covers you can buy to adapt your pergola for use in rainy weather. You may want an attached pergola to create a shaded area on your deck or patio where you can entertain, or maybe you need to cut out harsh afternoon sun towards the south and west.


With different pergola designs, you will be able to create different effects and functions.  Many people are choosing to build freestanding pergolas as focal points for their yards. You can use them to house a hot tub, provide a private place to relax and read, create an outdoor TV room, or to make a secluded conversation area. It will all depend on the lay of your land and where you feel would be the best place for your pergola. The structures can range from classical with white columns and intricate gridwork overhead to very basic, open, and rustic. You will also find many designs for Oriental pergolas which will highlight an Asian garden.